How to prevent wooden floor water damage

Water damage cleanup for your wooden floors can be a major hassle, but the best way to avoid it in the first place is to follow instructions for protecting them upon installation.Wooden floors can easily become damaged because liquid seeps under the wood or into the grout. If the floor has not been previously treated with a water-resistant coating, it is more likely to be damaged by water.

Wood Floor Water Damage

If you live in a flood-prone zone,you will need to take bigger precautions in order to protect against any wooden floor water damage.Here are are a few tips that will help you avoid costly repairs and replacements if your wooden floor is damaged by water.

  • If it’s not already provided to you, request extra boards when your wooden floors are installed to avoid the common challenge of wood matching. It can be very difficult to find the same color, texture and thickness of wood to replace ones that are damaged.
  • Keep the liquid contained and protected if it is spreading by surrounding with a waterproof barrier.
  • Contact a water damage restoration professional right away. Cleanup and restoration are much easier (and less expensive) if the extent of damage is of a smaller scale.

In general, it is necessary to have a professional perform the water extraction  and treat the floor in order to avoid warping and cracking especially if the entire floor has been damaged. It may be necessary to replace the undercoating and boards when the damaged area is small.This is one of the reasons that most people get extra boards when they have a hardwood floor installed.

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5 thoughts on “How to prevent wooden floor water damage

  • Margo McCann says:

    After my home suffered severe water damage I was unsure what to do or who to turn to, I have never dealt with a problem like this before. I turned to disaster repair experts who were able to help get my house back in order.

  • Marilyn J. Bean says:

    For the past few years, this has been happening. A lot of repairs have already been done, but none of them seemed to be working. We really don’t know what is causing it. We just try to remove the water by ourselves.

  • Rose J. Jones says:

    We have the same problem for years now. Two or three maybe. We tried elevating the floor but it didn’t work. Everytime there’s heavy downpour of rain, the room at the basement will be flooded the next day. We’re still thinking of ways to come up with a better and more effective solution.

  • Scott says:

    If people know to call a restoration vendor quickly they can save themselves a lot of time and money during Flood Damage Clean up and rebuild.

  • Hardwood Orang says:

    I found Awesome company who serve Flooring they offer best service and provide all types of flooring

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